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So i have this one teacher that uses the student bathroom almost everyday and still does between periods like yea ok you gotta piss but at our school we have designated staff bathrooms right next to is not relativly close to the student bathrooms that he can use but he still doesnt. Dont make the vast majority of students suffer because some children use the hall pass as a chance to escape the classroom.

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Some can be required to use the bathroom in the nurses office.

Can i use bathroom teacher student. There is no written law about the use of the bathroom by teachers and students however in a school environment for the purpose of privacy and security on both parts I would think that. I take no credit for these jokes. Um can I go to the bath.

It can be very disruptive. Most conversations about school bathrooms these days focus on policies for students. Peppy Zesty Teacherista has digital bathroom passes to help document how often students were going to the bathroom.

One of the most annoying things to a teacher is trying to hold a classroom discussion and when they call on a student who has raised their hand the only thing they do is ask if they can go to the bathroom. Everything you say in class everything you do everything you wear all of a teachers behaviors are teaching students something. In some classrooms teachers use a sign to let students know exactly when it is and is not a good time to use the bathroom.

In my opinion If my teacher told me i couldnt use the bathroom i would just walk out. What are we teaching when we make going to th. Some teachers simply have their students ask permission before going.

A couple of issues exist that cause teachers to be wary of allowing restroom use during class. Of course Im just speaking from experience raising two boys one who did more than his share of stupid things at school hes better now and has a family – and with that – perspective. Probably because they do not realize how teaching works.

If you get up to use the bathroom while your teacher is talking or giving instructions they may ask you to wait a moment. Teachers can also refer students to the school nurse as needed. You cannot tell children how many times they should use the bathroom because you yourself are not a child.

Actually it is illegal to do that so i have no idea why so many teachers do it. Whatever the case attacking the teacher is not something a student does if they just have to use a bathroom for the usual reasons. If you feel that kids are joking around get a bathroom monitorthey have those otherwise it completely wrong.

Some teachers have students use a sign-out sheet. Some teachers give their students a limited number of bathroom passes to use at their discretion. Probably not – but a teacher can place restrictions on a students bathroom privileges.

Err on the side of children who are responsible and need the restroom and deal with the abusers as they come. 4 Use the restroom during approved times. A student known to cause trouble when out of the room can be required to wait for an administrator to escort him to the bathroom.

Heres a little funny story I wrote combining many of the funny answers Ive heard to his question over the years. The Internet is peppered with teachers exchanging tips analyses of how much kids bathroom use should be. She raised her hand What do you want Mrs.

Marango Mr Murphy barked. The other day my child needed to use the restroom in class he asked the teacher if he could the teacher told him no your not allowed to use the restroom you should have used it during lunch my child replied I did not have to use it at that time the teach then said then I guess you need to wait for the bell to ring and go during passing pried my child then said im going to use the restroom now.

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